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Message from Governor Dean

Governor Dean with supporters at the March Meetup in Burlington. Photo by Eileen Burke

John Kerry and I had a very good meeting yesterday. During the campaign we often focused on what divided us, but the truth is we have much more in common beginning with our fervent desire to send George Bush back to Crawford, Texas in November. The future of our country depends on this.

In addition to our strong commitment to turning this country around by beating George Bush, John and I also share a strong commitment to providing healthcare to every American, cleaning up and protecting our environment, and getting the 3 million Americans who lost their jobs during George Bush’s presidency back to work.

As I have previously said, I will work closely with John Kerry to make sure we beat George Bush in November and turn our country around. There is a lot we can do together to rebuild an America that belongs to all of us, and we’ll be saying more about what our amazing grassroots network can do to help with this goal on March 18.

Governor Howard Dean, M.D.



Thank You Vermont

Governor Dean released the following statement tonight in response to the Vermont presidential primary results:

I want to thank the great people of Vermont tonight who overwhelmingly endorsed our campaign for change. This win means so much to me. Two years ago, I entered this race to talk about health care, children, and to demand change and leadership in our Party. This Party and this country still needs change, and tonight you have helped further that process.

While I ran for president I often said that America would be a better place if it was more like Vermont. I still firmly believe that to be true: We still need health care for all children, affordable prescription drugs for seniors, and equal rights for all Americans.

Throughout this campaign, I have appreciated the strong support from the people of Vermont. Our campaign owes a huge debt to the hundreds of Vermonters who worked at our headquarters–answering phones, stuffing mailings, and responding to emails–as well as to all of those who canvassed on our behalf in New Hampshire and elsewhere. I will never forget the work and the heart that you put into our campaign. Thank you.

I look forward to continuing the energy and the campaign for change that our movement began. We will be announcing more details of that effort on March 18th.

Gov. Howard Dean M.D

Democracy, Freedom, and Action

The following is excerpted from Governor Howard Dean’s remarks in New Haven, CT:

“On March 18, I will announce our plans to build a new organization, using our nationwide grassroots network, to continue our work to transform the Democratic Party and to change America.

“We are determined to keep this organization as vibrant as it was throughout our campaign.

“There are a lot of ways to make change. We are leaving one track, but we are going on another track that will take back America for ordinary people again.

“Democracy, Freedom, and Action will be the watchwords of this new effort.

“Our new effort will change America by working for the following principles:

  • We will promote grassroots democracy and bring new people intpolitics.
  • We will support candidates and office-holders who tell the truth; stand up for what they believe; and oppose the radical agenda of the far right.
  • We will fight against the special interests.
  • And we will fight for progressive policies like:

                               – Health care for all.
                               – Investment in children.
                               – Equal rights under the law.
                               – Fiscal responsibility; and
                               – A national security policy that makes America stronger by working               with allies and advancing progressive American values.

“We want everyone involved in Dean for America to stay involved, stay together, stay with the Democratic Party, and support the Democratic nominee. As I have said before, I strongly urge my supporters not to be tempted by independent or third-party candidates.”Let me tell you how I think the Democratic Party can win in 2004.

“This year, our campaign made the case that, in order to defeat George W. Bush, the Democratic Party must stand up strong for its principles, not paper over its differences with the most radicalAdministration in our lifetime.

“In order to win, the Democratic Party must aggressively expose the ways in which George W. Bush’s policies benefit the privileged and the most extreme ideologues.

“I will do everything I can to ensure that the 2004 Democratic nominee runs as a true progressive, as a champion of working Americans and their hopes for a better future. Because –- I will say it again — that is the way to win in 2004.”

A Beginning not an End

Today my candidacy may come to an end—but our campaign for change is not over.

I want to thank each and every person who has supported this campaign. Over the last year, you have reached out to neighbors, friends, family and colleagues—building one American at a time the greatest grassroots campaign presidential politics has ever seen. I will never forget the work and the heart that you put into our campaign.

In the coming weeks, we will be launching a new initiative to continue the campaign you helped begin. Please continue to come to for updates and news as our new initiative develops. There is much work still to be done, and today is not an end—it is just the beginning.

This Party and this country needs change, and you have already begun that process. I want you to think about how far we have come. The truth is: change is tough. There is enormous institutional pressure in our country against change. There is enormous institutional pressure in Washington against change, in the Democratic Party against change. Yet, you have already started to change the Party and together we have transformed this race. Along the way, we’ve engaged hundreds of thousands of new Americans in the political process, as witnessed by this year’s record participation in the primaries and caucuses.

The fight that we began can and must continue. Although my candidacy for president may end today, the most important goal remains defeating George W. Bush in November, and I hope that you will join me in doing everything we can to support the Democrats this fall. From the earliest days of our campaign, I have said that the power to change Washington rests not in my hands, but in yours. Always remember, you have the power to take our country back.

Gov. Howard Dean M.D.